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Tone down emotion in the software purchasing process

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

We are emotional beings, but software purchasing doesn't have to make you cry.

Oof. Emotions. Did we really just write a blog post relating emotion to software purchasing? Can confirm yes- we did. It’s not the most popular topic on the menu, but to be honest, we’re here for it. Here’s why: no matter what the world says, or how many AI-powered platforms start taking over our lives (jk, kind of, not really) the end of the day we are all people making this thing called business come together through hard work, shared vision and, hopefully, a little bit of fun in the process.

So now that we’ve got that out of the way- let’s get to the heart of today’s words of wisdom from our beloved friend, The Affixify Guy. While purchasing software for our business, we will inevitably have some emotion attached to the process. Not suggesting you will be crying alligator tears into your keyboard as you sit through a demo (candidly, though, the Affixify Guy does enjoy a good cry). But you’ve had a few experiences in the past with various software platforms. Good, bad, mediocre. So like it or not- these experiences have created memories that will inevitably invoke certain emotions during future buying processes.

Where we run into trouble is when our humanness overtakes our ability to make an informed decision that will help move our business forward. So how do we change that? If you’re about to buy software, are in the process of buying software, or will someday buy software (read: everyone visiting this blog) then read on.

1. Become an Expert in What You Want

The foundation of any great shopping spree is knowing exactly what you're after. When you're armed with knowledge, emotions won't sway you from your goal. Take the time to create a thorough list of business requirements and consult your team members in this part of the process. This is going to help you stay focused- even if a call or demo with the salesperson on the other end doesn’t go perfectly. Remember, you’re partnering with the entire organization, not just one person.

2. Find ways to simplify your buying process

Did you know that the first software platform was theorized in 1935? Imagine a day where there was only one platform to choose from. Oh the luxury. And while we couldn’t nail down a number in our research for just how many software platforms are in existence today, it’s said that in the last 4 years the number of software developers globally has reached 20-30 million. That’s a LOT of developers putting out a LOT of software. With this many options- we emphatically believe that you need tools to simplify your process. Tools that will actually help you identify software platforms that meet your needs and will fit the requirements list you created in step one. BONUS points if that platform is FREE to you as the buyer.

3. Don’t be afraid to be candid

Communicate your needs and concerns clearly. If the platform doesn’t meet your needs, but they promise to build it, make sure that you get these promises in writing and that you understand the timing of that development. So often we’re told “Yes, we can do that” when faced with a lack of features meeting our needs and this is where it gets tricky. Don’t be afraid to use a third-party partner who will go through the arduous process of validating features for you- that’s right, a company who does the heavy lifting to lay the foundation of your conversation ahead of time.

4. Trust in Data and Reviews

Numbers and reviews offer valuable insights from others who have been in your shoes willing to share their experience. We live in an information-rich world. Use it to inform your decisions. This takes the guesswork out of the equation and keeps you grounded in rationality.

Emotionless shopping isn't about being robotic; it's about being in control. Know what you want, embrace detours, stick to your plan, communicate your needs, keep a level head, and trust the facts. Armed with these tools, you'll be able to find a solution that works for you!

That wraps up this edition of Words of Wisdom with the Affixify Guy. Come back next week for more!

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