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A passion for people, technology, and hospitality.

Affixify was founded on the notion that hotels needed a better way to buy technology. And, that hospitality technology providers needed a level playing field. We saw the problem, and created an answer. An unbiased algorithm-based platform that matches buyer to seller. Without the opinions.

Founder & CEO

Jasmine has spent her entire career in hospitality technology. She has sold software personally, led incredibly talented technology sales teams, and consulted technology providers on how to best grow their new customer base. Jasmine has a passion for getting technology in the hands of the right buyer, and not wasting time in the sales process on unqualified conversations. She is a strong advocate for selling with integrity and has a vision for Affixify to be the change that our space needs.

Jasmine is a proud wife, boy mom, and Christian.

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Co-Founder & COO

Stephanie's experience is multi-faceted spanning several industries, but her true home is in hospitality. She became a people-leader before she was 20 years old and has moved through the ranks in every role she has taken on. Her heart is to help her customers see success and to have transparent and honest relationships with clients that are long-lasting. Stephanie is a gifted product leader who is passionate about bringing products to market that are well- developed and will make a positive impact on operational efficiency. Stephanie also has a passion for helping the next generation learn how to grow into professional roles.

In her free time Stephanie loves to cook, travel and spend time with her husband and her two kids.

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