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Affixify, the unbiased, cost-free, technology selection platform for hotels launches worldwide.

Fort Worth, Texas, May 9, 2024-Affixify, an unbiased technology selection platform for hotels, is proud to announce their official launch into the hospitality space.

Poised to become the new standard of hotel technology selection, the platform allows hoteliers to find the right software for them without having to rely on top-ten lists and biased opinions. Affixify uses an unbiased algorithm that takes the buyer’s required features and matches those to the available vendors who meet their buying criteria.

Affixify has been praised as a “gift to the hospitality industry”. According to Founder and CEO, Jasmine Seliga, “We are the first software of our kind that takes a data-driven approach to helping hoteliers find new technology. It makes sense that a buying conversation should start with feature and integration matching, before vendors and hoteliers begin the demo process.”

The Affixify team takes each vendor customer through a rigorous validation process in which they confirm that added features are live and not on a road map. This is a way to help build trust between buyer and seller, knowing that features are immediately available for use once the selection process is complete. The algorithm-based search also accounts for a hotelier’s required integrations, to support the ever-growing interface landscape that hotels must navigate during technology decisions.

“We are incredibly proud of what we have built, and we are honored to be open for use by the industry. This has been a long time coming, and, we are just getting started.” Stephanie Trussell, Co-Founder and COO, Affixify.

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