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Data on a Touch Pad

Unbiased technology selection
for hotels and resorts.

Hotels need a better way to find new technology in a packed marketplace, riddled with opinions. Vendors should have a seat at the table and a level playing field. Everyone deserves transparency in the buying process.

Meet Affixify.

Affixify- the right match for your hotel.

Navigating hospitality software solutions in the current market is challenging. With so many opinions out there, it's becoming impossible to know where to look when making new technology decisions. Where are the integrated hotel solutions? What is a real feature, and what's simply on the road-map? Where are the new platforms that could have a serious positive impact on my efficiency?


There is so much to consider, that it's starting to feel a a little bit like the wild wild west...


Enter, Affixify. Affixify leverages an unbiased algorithm to match you with the best tech for your specific hotel's needs.  No opinions. No ambassador programs. No top ten lists. Just the data.


We all know your needs are unique. So why keep spinning your wheels to find the next best thing?

Our algorithm can point you to exactly who you need to be at the table with.


Regardless of who you are, your hotel is a match for Affixify!

It's time to do away with the 
one-size-fits-all approach
to buying 
hotel software. 


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